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We believe that teaching children is a copperative endeavor amoung a diverse body of students, teachers, and cultures, which enables the students to embark on a continous learning process.  Therefore Teachers in Partnership, a voluntary organization of teachers is committed to supporting and aiding the teachers of Haiti and their students, in whatever capacity we are able, to promote their education.

Our goals are as follows:

To collaborate with Haitian colleagues and their students to determine their needs and provide opportunitites otherwise out of their reach;

To help foster an environment conducive to learning;

To promote the search for knowledge;

To support the efforts of the teachers of Haiti;

To promote the quality of the children's eduacation by providing access to enhanced learning environments;

To improve the quality of life of the children so that they may be prepared to learn.

Together, as educators, we will strive to achieve these common goals.

Haiti Outreach, Church of the Holy Family                                                                              
Virginia Beach, Va 23452