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Water Project from Holy Family on Vimeo.

Baptiste Water Project Update

The water pipeline was completed in 2009 and serves over 10,000 people. Ten fountains, located throughout the St. Jude Parish run continuously as parishoners line up for clean water. The pipeline itself is truly an engineering marvel, spanning several miles over mountainous terrain from its source.

In April 2014, the pipeline was assessed by Haiti Ministry engineers. Several of the fountains were not functioning due to the low water pressure and wear and tear on faucets. The team however brought new fountain heads and repair material as a temporary solution, as it was apparent after watching the parishoners use the fountain that the fountain heads were not user friendly for the small children. Since this time, new fountains have been ordered and shipped.

At present, the Holy Family Ministry engineering team is working on a plan to connect the water main to a new clinic being built a short distance from the church. This clinic (mini hospital) will be the first of its kind in this rural area.

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