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Baptiste Water Project Nears Completion

Finishing touches and punch list items are being take care of prior to final activation of the Water Pipeline project in Baptiste, Haiti. In July, the final structure appeared to be completed, but during the operation to fill the Break Pressure Tank, several leaks were discovered and the process was stopped. The Break Pressure Tank is essentially a large concrete tank that was built on the mountainside approximately have way between the water source and the village of Baptiste. It is needed to reduce the water pressure in the pipeline so that the high pressure caused by the elevation difference (400 ft). This water tank operates very similar to the water tank on you toilet at home.

The repairs involved application of a sand and cement mixture to seal the walls to prevent water leakage. The repairs are nearly complete and the plan is to fill the tank in mid September which will place the water project in full operation.

During this same period, an additional water delivery fountain was constructed near the Presbytere’s cistern. This fountain will draw water from the cistern to ensure here is adequate withdraw from the cistern to keep the water fresh. In addition, the pipeline was extended from the inlet side of the Presbytere cistern to the Zanmi Lasante/ Holy Family clinic in Baptiste. This extension will eventually allow the second water pasteurizer to be installed at the clinic and deliver pasteurized water for use at the clinic.

Interior of the Break Pressure Tank.  The ball on the left side controls the water level in the tankBreak Pressure tank construction nears completion
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